- a modern tool for modern man

THE SCYTHE is a complete Handbook and deals with theory as well as practical use.
THE SCYTHE reveals new discoveries and inventions and is a turning point in the history of the Scythe.
THE SCYTHE is setting a new paradigm for the understanding of this very old hand tool.
THE SCYTHE a new modern use of the Scythe as a tool for maintaining common grounds as well as private gardens.
THE SCYTHE takes the scythe up to a higher level of low impact life style to develop ecological sustainability.
THE SCYTHE is only published as an e-book for environmental concern.

Publisher: Station Lunda
Author: Johan Falk
Format: PDF
Size: 27 MB
Pages: 86
Språk: Svenska/Engelska


PRIS: 160 Kronor


PRICE: 15 Euro